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Some Advice on Dealing with Salt Shakers and Hinged Lids!

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It is salt that imparts a nice taste to your food, as you are well aware of! So a dining table without a salt shaker on it is quite unthinkable! Now, if a silver salt shaker is your showpiece, then it is going to occupy a pride of place on your table!

Unfortunately, even a simple item like a salt shaker can suffer over time. The salt stored inside can bring on crusty corrosion marks. The simplest way to deal with this problem is to empty the shaker after every elaborate meal and give it a thorough cleansing with water. But this is bound to prove a rather tedious job if it has to be repeated regularly. Or you could go in for something expensive like heavy gold plating on the interior surface; gold remains unaffected by salt.

Anyway, do conduct a 6-monthly inspection of your silver piece and figure out the extent of corrosion. It is easy to do the repair job yourself. Ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area since ammonia tends to let of pungent fumes. Of course, there are readymade silver chemical dips too, but they will not prove very useful in this case. The first thing you do is to take a bowl/container and pour some ammonia into it. Now, place the empty salt shaker inside this bowl/container. Cover the bowl/container. Let ten minutes go by; then, remove the shaker and check it. Do you still see a few black spots? The salt shaker goes back into the bowl/container then! Repeat the 10-minute procedure. In fact, this can continue till all the corrosion spots are completely banished.

In case the salt shaker exhibits signs of aging (grayish tinge) too, you can go in for a liquid cleanser. Now, cleansers tend to be a bit abrasive, so do the cleaning under trickling water. Just a minimal amount on a wet sponge should do the trick! Use gentle rubbing motions on the interior as well as the exterior. There are many good-quality silver cleansers available in the market.

If you are still not satisfied with the luster, then go in for a liquid polish. Again, the smallest amount is to be taken on a rouge cloth. After a gentle rubbing, inspect your salt shaker. The silvery sheen will have returned!

Many silver articles come with hinged tops or lids—ink wells, coffeepots, teapots, boxes, etc. Do you notice the lid not settling back properly? Then, there is a problem that needs to be resolved; and you can do it yourself.

Get a flat toothpick and cut it to the required length (matching the length of the hinge plates). Now, place it between the two hinge plates. Your fingers are to manipulate or push the sides of the lid, very gently. Is the hinge top sitting level now? If your answer is in the affirmative, the problem has been rectified. If the answer is in the negative, then you might have to use additional toothpicks. That wasn’t so difficult after all, was it?


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